Conference fees and further organisational details

Number of participants:
The maximum number of participants is 80.
Applications will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis.
Conference fees:
conferences fees of 350 EUR have to be paid for a complete registration. They cover
  • boarding and lodging during the conference
  • a 3-days ticket for the public traffic system in Cologne
  • all other costs related to the conference
Financial contribution for (PhD) students:
Like other participants (PhD) students have to pay the conference fees in
advance, but they can apply for a reimbursement of these costs (see also
registration form). However, a decision whether a full or partial refund will be
awarded can be only made if the financial balance of the conference is clear
(possibly only after the conference).
Accommodation for all conference participants will be arranged in
a hotel close to the conference site.

University of Cologne
Department of Chemistry
Institute of Biochemistry