Getting to the CK2-conference

General remark:
The public traffic in Cologne is served by the "Verkehrsverbund Rhein/Sieg" (VRS) which is a consortium of public traffic organizations and companies. One of them is the "Deutsche Bahn AG"; therefore queries about all public traffic connections (including trains, S-trains, busses) in Cologne can be performed in various languages via the following service of the "Deutsche Bahn":
1)By train
 a)Via Cologne/central station
 Take the S-train
 - line S12 in direction to "Au (Sieg)"
 - line S13 in direction to "Troisdorf"
 Leave the S-train at station "Porz-Wahn" which is next to the conference ensemble (conference site at Wahn castle, "Hotel Geisler" and restaurant "Eltzhof".
 b)Via Bonn/central station
 From Bonn/central station you have access to S-train station "Porz-Wahn" with the bus line 153(550):
2)By airplane
 a)Via Cologne/Bonn airport
 The Cologne/Bonn airport has an S-train station which is served by S-train line S13:
 From the S-train station at the airport:
 - go one station in direction "Troisdorf" to get to S-train station "Porz-Wahn" (conference site)
 - go one station in direction "Horrem/Düren" to get to S-train station "Koeln-Frankfurter Str." which is next to the Etap-hotel.
 b)Via Duesseldorf airport or Frankfurt (Main) airport
 Take the query system of the "Deutsche Bahn AG" to find a suitable connection:
 Enter either "DÜSSELDORF FLUGHAFEN (DUS)" or "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf" as start station.
 As destination station enter either "Porz-Wahn" - if you want to go to the conference site and the hotel "Geisler" - or "Koeln-Frankfurter Str." - if you want to go to the Etap hotel.
 Coming from Duesseldorf airport you have to change the train either at Cologne/central station or at the station "Koeln-Messe-Deutz". Coming from Frankfurt airport you should take the ICE train and change to the S-train in Siegburg (line S12 or S13 if you want to the conference site or line S13 if you want to the Etap hotel)
3)By car
 Take the highway A59 which you should leave at the exit "Wahn". Proceed in western direction on the "Heidestr.", i.e. at the exit turn right if you come from the North or turn left if you come from the South. Proceed to the next big crossing. There turn left into the "Frankfurter Straße"; after 200 meters you see the "Hotel Geisler" on the left side.
 If you want to go the Etap hotel by car you should turn right if you leave the "Heidestraße". Follow the "Frankfurter Straße" in northern direction for at least 10 km up to the S-train station "Koeln-Frankfurter Str.". Cross the S-train line via an underbridge. After 200 m you see the Etap hotel on the left side.
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