Subject Areas and Scientific Program

Based on the success of the five previous International CK2 meetings, the format for this meeting is a
3-day symposium consisting of invited talks, open discussions and posters presentations.
Topics for focused sessions composed primarily of invited talks are as follows:
  • Structural and biophysical characterization of CK2
  • CK2 regulation
  • Genetic characterization of CK2 and role of CK2 in development
  • Subcellular localization and dynamics of CK2
  • Physiological CK2 substrates and interaction partners
  • CK2 and the circadian clock
  • CK2 and the cell cycle
  • CK2 and apoptosis
  • CK2 and disease (cancer, viral infection, cystic fibrosis etc.)
  • CK2 as a pharmacological target / CK2 inhibitors
  • CK2 in non-vertebrates (plants, yeast)
An outline of the scientific program is downloadable here:
Scientific program

University of Cologne
Department of Chemistry
Institute of Biochemistry